Weekly Update – Insects as food

Earlier this summer a link was posted taking readers to an article about unique popcorn toppings.  While novel, the cricket topping for popcorn will surely be followed by other insect-based food items in the future. In 2013, a FAO report entitled, “Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security” was published.  The document noted a predicted global population of 9 billion by 2050, the increasing need for more sustainable means to produce food and the feasibility of insects as means to do 

Last week, the Financial Post printed a follow-up article describing Canadian entrepreneurs and their efforts to mainstream insects as food for humans, livestock and pets.

Weekly Update – Crickets with your Popcorn?

Insects are an integral part of people’s diet throughout the world.  Closer to home, popcorn may never be the same…. Read more about this novel topping!

Weekly Update – Insects in our diets!

Usually we’re busy protecting our crops from the insects but, in the not-so-distant future, growers will produce crops of insects for food!  Kellogg’s, General Mills, Google – just a few names showing interest in Entomo Foods and the North American Edible Insect Coalition but read more in this article

The authors write, “two billion people worldwide currently eat insects regularly” and there are many “environmental and health benefits” to insects because they “are the most sustainable form of protein on the planet”.  The article notes the need for us to incorporate insects in our diets, if we are to sustain the ~9 billion people who will be on the planet by 2050.