Weekly Update (Update)

Jennifer Otani
Week 7

Today we updated the Bertha armyworm and Grasshopper sections of the Weekly Update that was originally posted on June 17, 2015!  

Please review either the Post (in HTML format) by scrolling down below and selecting it OR access a PDF copy of the updated file.

Insect of the Week – Lygus bugs

Jennifer Otani
Week 7

The lygus bug (Lygus spp.) is this week’s Insect of the Week (from the new Field Crop and Forage Pests and their Natural Enemies in Western Canada – Identification and Management Field Guide). 

Environment Canada’s weather radar and precipitation events

Jennifer Otani, Ross Weiss, Owen Olfert and David Giffen
Week 7
If your field is near one of Environment Canada’s radar
stations, you can access weather
radar maps
in video format which show the past 1hr OR 3hrs of precipitation
events.  These maps can help growers
review where and how much precipitation fell nearby.
We included screen shots of Environment Canada’s webpages
below and we added red text and arrows to help.

Predicted wheat midge emergence

Jennifer Otani and David Giffen
Week 7
The map below is
the first of the predicted emergence maps for the wheat midge for
the 2015 growing season.  Remember, wheat midge emergence and flight will also be affected by precipitation events and wind.  Even so, if you are hoping
to catch the very first wheat midge as they start to emerge, keep watching the map below for areas
that will be highlighted below as lime-green (i.e., 600-693 DD). 
Rain fell over
the past five days so watch for the updated map in the Weekly Update which
should be available by Thursday.