Prairie Research

The 2023 growing season is in full swing and researchers working with insects, weeds, plant pathogens, and crops are very busy across the prairie region! For something new this year, the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network will occasionally include Prairie Research Updates in the Weekly Update. This post will highlight the hard work of our colleagues at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) research centers, at universities, and by other research organizations across western Canada. If you have ideas for a Prairie Research Update, please contact Dr. Meghan Vankosky (

Science News from the Prairies is an AAFC newsletter that highlights work by scientists at AAFC research centres in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. The June 3, 2023 edition highlights the Plant Gene Resources of Canada, a plant gene bank at the AAFC Saskatoon Research and Development Centre. Plant gene banks serve to maintain the genetic diversity of plants by collecting, preserving, and rejuvenating plant reproductive material and sharing their resources to support plant breeding programs, education, and research. Read more about the Plant Gene Resources of Canada and other AAFC research projects in Science News from the Prairies.

To learn more about entomology research at the AAFC Saskatoon Research and Development Centre, please read “Pest Detective: How AAFC is using pest monitoring data to model climate change impacts” available in English and in French.