Insect of the Week – Bronzed blossom pollen beetle

This week’s Insect of the Week is the bronzed blossom pollen beetle. They feed on canola and oilseed rape, mustards, bittercress, rockcress, wild radish and dogmustard. They are not known to be established in Western Canada, but are present in Nova Scotia, PEI and Quebec. Adult females lay clusters of 2 to 3 eggs in developing buds and can lay up to 250 eggs in one summer. Once the eggs hatch, larva enter developing flower buds to feed. This feeding can reduce seed production by up to 70%!

For more information on the bronzed blossom pollen beetle, see our Insect of the Week page.

Bronzed blossom pollen beetle – adults (C. Noronha, AAFC)
Bronzed blossom pollen beetle – eggs (C. Noronha, AAFC)

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