Wind trajectories

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) have been working together to study the potential of trajectories for monitoring insect movements since the late 1990s.

The entire list of 2020 Wind Trajectory Reports is available here.

→ Read the WEEKLY Wind Trajectory Report for Wk04 (released May 18, 2020).

→ Read the DAILY Wind Trjectory Reports for Wk04 (released May 20 and May 21).

Weekly Update

A bit of sun, some snow, some rain, a bit too hot and still too cold in other areas – typical spring weather for our prairie producers!

This week the incredible team working to provide weather-related data for PPMN forecasting is coping with technical difficulties so several of the normal updates are not available but stay tuned!

Access information to support your in-field insect monitoring efforts in the complete Weekly Update either as a series of Posts for Week 3 OR  a downloadable PDF.

Stay Safe!

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